It's a Start: Prince Charles Recognizes Britain's Role in Slave Trade

Photo by InSapphoWeTrust. CC.

A little while ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Vancouver and I, being the dorkiest of my friends, lined up to greet them. I love the royals!

Of course, I also felt conflicted: the royal family represents a lot of badness in the history of the world and my country. They were the ones who said, "yeah, sure, go to that other continent and take it over, don't worry about the people who already live there, you need not treat them with dignity." (Actually, I have no idea what their orders were or if they intended things to go differently, but I'm guessing they didn't care that much.)

So many people have suffered, and continue to do so, thanks to the legacy of the royal family.

But... they're so PRETTY!

So yeah, I feel some cognitive dissonance over my love for them.

At the very least, this happened: Prince Charles has acknowledged Britain's role in the slave trade calling it a 'profound injustice' and 'indelible stain.'

That's one profound injustice recognized, and how many to go?

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