This Week in Church: Beautiful Relationships

Welcome to the series wherein I share my take-aways from church. The things that, I think, are beneficial to all of us to know or think about, whether or not we believe in any church-related things.

I think that church can teach things that are beneficial to everyone, whether or not we believe in church-related things.

This week in church we talked about beautiful relationships.

Here's what it takes to form a meaningful connection with someone: confrontation and commitment. Confrontation, as in honesty. As in telling someone the real truths and not letting things linger. As in asking tough questions. Commitment, as in sticking around. As in love.

Commitment turns confrontation into something meaningful instead of just plain mean. Confrontation turns commitment into something more than just hanging around.

There are certain things that can only work if you commit - you can't test out having a beautiful, meaningful relationship with someone without committing to them.

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