Learning! Roundup: Pony Therapy, Moderate Self-Control, Stopping Pirates, and More!

Photo by Kym Ellis.

Pony Therapy

In Scotland, doctors are prescribing their patients spend time in nature, with looking for fungus and appreciating a cloud being the top two nature-related prescriptions. In November, however, they want everyone to go talk to a pony.

Self Control - In Moderation

Apparently, too much self-control can be bad for our physical and mental health. Sometimes it's better to just give in and indulge a little.

Scientists Agree to Disagree

To disagree with Trump, that is. A common statement from people who are against implementing policies that are more inclusive of transgender people (or those who are otherwise gender queer/outside the binary) is that it shouldn't be up to them to decide these things, it should be up to the experts. Well, here is what the experts say: you should not define gender as biological, nor establish it at birth.

Don't Be a Pirate

Explicit anti-piracy warnings may be just as good, or better, at reducing piracy than actually issuing fines. It turns out people don't like reminders that they are being monitored and someone knows when they are doing something wrong.

Anti-Political Political Arguments

Next time you are having a political argument, try removing all partisan information (I know, I know, it's kind of impossible). It turns out that most people (or at least, Americans who were in this study) agree on what an ideal society looks like when you don't reference actual political parties. Also included in that article are some tips on how to intellectually disarm your opponent in a political argument. My favourite is to simply ask them how the thing they are arguing about works - chances are they don't actually know much about it and then they'll question themselves on a deeper level.

Tetris Relieves Anxiety

A new study shows that Tetris may be the perfect anxiety-reducing activity because players reach a state of flow. I haven't played Tetris in years, but I also remember it being a little bit stressful.

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