Learning! Roundup: Star Fusion Power Will Save Us All, Read More Poems, Eat More Dairy, and More!

Photo by Alexander Andrews

Star Fusion Power

There are people working hard to recreate the kind of fusion power that occurs in stars right here on earth. If they succeed in making it commercially viable, it could basically solve climate change and save us all.

Read More Poems

Here's an interesting tidbit: according to new data released by the National Endowment for the Arts, Americans are reading fewer novels, but more poetry.

Eat More Dairy!

Milk excepted, all other dairy products have been shown to protect against death, in general, and specifically cardiovascular-related causes of death. This is all part of science's slow realization that saturated fats aren't actually that bad for us, and it's very exciting. Bring on the cheese!

BDSM and Pain Empathy

Here is an interesting area of study: levels of empathy for other people's pain in BDSM practitioners. While most people in this group do not differ from control groups in their responses to seeing pain, specifically female submissives have less empathetic responses to pain in others.

Bird Languages

Birds speak multiple languages! Some birds can actually learn the meanings of the calls from other bird species. That is super cool.

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