Learning! Roundup: Safe Cycling, Us vs. the World, Zombie Brain Cells, and More!

Photo by Joel Estrada.

Safe Cycling

A study on how drivers act around cyclists shows that the best way to keep cyclists safe really is to keep them in separated bike lanes. Oh, and that drivers pass female cyclists closer, and more dangerously, than male cyclists. That's fun.

Us Against the World

Want to feel like you and your coworkers are really on a team? Apparently, you just need to work in an industry with a lot of external competition. The bigger the external threat, the more people on the inside will cooperate and share with each other.

Kill the Zombies, Save the Brain

New research on Alzheimer's and dementia has shown that it might help to kill off "zombie" brain cells throughout life. Those are cells that are all used up, but won't kill themselves (which I guess cells often do when they get worn out?). Their accumulation in the brain may contribute to dementia later in life.

Just a Little Change

If you need to get people on board with a change, it should go better if you let them know what will stay the same. Painting a glorious picture of an exciting future is all well and good, but people are afraid that they'll lose whatever values or identity they currently share with you if all you focus on is the change.

Conversations with Toddlers

As more of my friends' babies are growing into toddlers, I can affirm that trying to have a conversation with a toddler is kind of impossible. It seems easier for the parents, who have learned some of the meaning behind their kid's random babbling. This is a good thing because new research shows that having lots of little conversations with your toddler leads to better language skills and higher IQ later in life.

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