Learning! Roundup: The Age of Self-Esteem (It's Coming!), Are You a Cheater?, Buying Happiness, and More!

Photo by Dario Valenzuela.

The Age of Self-Esteem

According to new research, our self-esteem tends to grow until about the age of 60, when we reach peak self-worth. I would wager that for most people reading this, that means we've got a lot of time to love ourselves more and more! Hooray!

Smart Fish

A little, tiny fish called the cleaner wrasse has become the first fish ever to pass a simple psychological test we use to see if animals are self-aware: the mirror test. This is where they show the animal a mirror and measure its responses to see if it thinks it's seeing another animal, or itself. So far only "super smartypants" animals like apes and dolphins have passed, but now this lil' baby fish has done it, too.

Infidelity Bias

Turns out, as Rachel's mom in Friends suggested, "once a cheater, always a cheater." Or rather, "once a person has a psychological bias towards cheating, they are more likely to continue to have that bias." Basically, things people do to try to prevent cheating in their relationship (avoiding tempting situations or trying to enhance their existing relationship, for example) are not really effective. Instead, what is effective, is being a person who doesn't really find people other than your partner that attractive in the first place.

Buying Happiness is Relative

We already know that you can buy (some) happiness, especially if you spend your money on experiences instead of things. Well, now it turns out that the relationship between money and happiness is slightly more complex: the less money you have, the more happiness you are going to experience from spending that money on a fun experience. Basically, poor people get more joy from the experiences they buy than rich people.

Happy Goat People

One more reason to love goats: they love to see us smiling! Goats just want us to be happy, which is easy because they bring so much joy.

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