Inspiration! Roundup: Bandaloop, Cancel It, Love is Real, Jupiter, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": This made me giggle and that was nice. More bizarre moments and giggling.
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Have you heard of Bandaloop? It's a VERTICAL dance company! They dance on the sides of buildings, and it's crazy incredible. I can't imagine the daring and vision that caused anyone to even try this in the first place, but I love it.

Cancel It

More from the brilliant Seth Godin:

When a project appears to be in limbo, in a permanent holding pattern, where sunk costs meet opportunity costs, where no one can figure out what to do…

Cancel it.

Cancel it with a week’s notice.

One of two things will happen:

A. A surge of support and innovation will arrive, and it won’t be stuck any more.

B. You’ll follow through and cancel it, and you won’t be stuck any more.

It costs focus and momentum to carry around the stalled. Let it go.

Of course, your brain could sabotage this if you know you're actually cancelling it in the hopes that you will go for option A. But maybe it'll work? It's worth a try! What feels stuck?

Good Things Will Happen

This makes me feel a little safer inside my heart. It's nice.

From Adam JK.


NASA released some new pictures of Jupiter. They are STUNNING. Also, a bunch of news sources shared them with headlines about the "unearthly" pictures of Jupiter, which I just find kind of... funny. What else did we expect from pictures of planets that are not earth?

But seriously, look at those blues!

Scary Emails

“Send one scary email today. A scary email is sending an email to someone who has no reason to say yes to what I’m asking or who will certainly reject me. If you got one, send it. Start and start small.”
— Amena Brown

More Than Books

The New York Public Library (the same brilliant institution that recently started releasing classic novels in Instagram stories), is now lending out ties and other professional accessories for job interviews or other important occasions. Guys. I love how NYPL is thinking outside the box of book lending in such useful ways.

Flower Flashes

For more cool New York-based things, a group of florists in New York City are creating magic by installing huge floral arrangements in unexpected places around the city.

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