Inspiration! Roundup: Life Lessons, Chairs at Play, George Orwell's Decent World, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Two things. One, I have been low-level sick for almost a week now. I would really love to not be sick at all anymore and just be all happy and free like her! Two, a part of me just wants to go and shave my head. But I'll never have the guts.
Photo by Kim Carpenter.

32 Lessons

Here's a lovely list of 32 little lessons from the Do Lectures. Most of them aren't revolutionary, but they are good reminders. Right now I want to remember lesson #25: "what we nurture will grow" - in our hearts, in our minds, in our skills and talents and lives.

Chairs at Play

I do choreography sometimes, but there is a New York choreographer with the title Choreographer for Inanimate Objects. That is kind of incredible. Her name is Madeline Hollander and she worked with artist Urs Fischer to create this art installation of dancing chairs.

Image from Colossal.

A Decent World

“Either we all live in a decent world, or nobody does.”
― George Orwell

Corpse Drawing Game

I've never played this game but it seems pretty fun! You and at least one other person draw a person bit-by-bit, but without seeing what the other person did. So you draw the head and neck, and then fold the paper to hide it just showing where the neck ends so they can draw a torso that joins up. You wind up with fun stuff! I wanna play this! People call it the corpse drawing game, which is a bit morbid, but I'm okay with it.

Trunk Filmmaking

Yeah, okay, it's an ad for the new MINI, but I don't really care. This stop-motion animation by Nix & Gerber of astronauts camping in space is too lovely to ignore.

The World, Revisited

Look here for a map of the world, drawn with each country's size distorted to show the size of its population. It's fun to see the world in a new way! Also, I get a kick out of how tiny Canada becomes, considering it's the second largest country.

A Prayer

(The words of Mary Oliver.)

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