Miss America Catches Up to the Feminism of the 1980s!

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Guys!!! Awesome news!!! The Miss America Pageant is dropping the swimsuit competition!!!

This is very exciting. It is what I like to call micro-progress. Why micro? Because for the world at large, and certainly for progressives, it is not a boundary-pushing idea that students competing for scholarships need not do so in their bathing suits. That is pretty darn basic. But for the micro-world of the pageant? PROGRESS. That's why it's called micro-progress.

According to some people, the swimsuit competition originated as a place of feminist protest, with women saying, "Screw you guys, if I want to wear a bathing suit that shows my knees and some make up, I'm going to do it!"

Sure, I mean, it was also designed to get people to stand around and look at girls in bathing suits, so whatever. The point is that they aren't doing it anymore!!!! Congratulations, Miss America! Welcome to the 1980s. You only have three more decades to go to catch up.

Funny story: when I was a kid, we used to watch these kinds of pageants all the time. One of them took out the swimsuit portion way back then, and I, the little chauvinist that I was, did not like that move. I don't remember exactly what my argument was, but in essence, this was a competition for beauty and I wanted to see the beauty! Also, it felt more carefree than the other sections. They would try to show how fun-loving they were instead of how fancy they were. Still, it's funny to know that Little Andrea would have been annoyed at this move.

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