Learning! The Dangers of Hippo Poop, Internet Security, Making Plastic Out of Wine, and More!

Photo by Julie Wolpers.

Hippo Poop

When you see a bunch of hippos in a river, here is something to be aware of: they are basically constantly peeing and pooping, and sometimes they poop so much, all the fish around them suffocate and die. A great reason to avoid them (besides getting snapped up in their giant mouths).

Internet Security PSA

You know those little internet quizzes people post around where you (for example) share your royal name, which is a combo of your grandparent's first name, your pet's name, and the street you grew up on, with Lord or Lady thrown in at the beginning. What does that give? Well, the answer to a bunch of potentialy security questions for your email, bank account, and who knows what else. Avoid!

Plastics from Wine

The grape skins, stems, and other gunk left behind in wine creation could be used to create plastic. Cool!

Chess Lengthens Your Life?

Elite chess players live longer lives than the rest of us and have the same health benefits as elite athletes. This may be linked to the economic and social boost that comes from becoming a grandmaster.

What Keeps Boys Out of Ballet?

The top thing may be their own fathers, who make fun of them for choosing dance. I'm just going to say it, not only is that sad, but it's really dumb. Just let your sons do ballet if they want to.

Names Matter

As all my friends roll out their little clones (also known as babies), the big question is always what names they are considering. What we are really asking, it turns out, is what kind of personality you are going to project onto that wee little baby: a new study has shown that your name will shape how people judge your age, personality, and even competence at your job.

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