Action Items: Things to Do To Help Fight Evil and Save the World

Action Items are notes from the "Let's Save the World" committee meetings in my head. A collection of some news items and articles that may fire up a desire for action, and then at least one suggested action item to follow up. It won't be comprehensive of every single thing in the world and all the ways to fix it, but it will be something, and something is better than nothing.

Some of the Things That Are Happening:

This is a little old (sorry! I am trying to keep up!), but here are 13 inconvenient truths about what has been happening in Gaza. Here is the UN's response to Israeli soldiers killing 58 Palestinians.

Three Native American lacrosse teams were expelled from their league after reporting racist bullying from other players.

Jason Bateman did some pretty unfortunate mansplaining to try to smooth over Jeffrey Tambor's verbal assault on Jessica Walter, but then actually gave an excellent apology where he takes responsibility and promises to do better. Take note.

A former champion of Jordan Peterson gives a thorough and thoughtful explanation of why he is now dangerous. (In case you weren't aware, or needed help crystallizing your arguments about him.)

In nicer news, Harvey Weinstein has actually been arrested on sexual assault and rape charges. Justice may take place!

Bad news at the NFL: they decreed that if a player is on the field while the national anthem is playing, they must stand or the entire team will be fined. (I would like to see every single player kneel now, please.)

Basic income. It's a mental health issue.

We all know by now that Roseanne was cancelled because of her terribly racist remarks. Here is a collection of other working class comedies, if you are sad to miss that element.

This xkcd comic made me smile at our current catastrophizing. Is it better or worse that it's probably always been this bad?

Action Item:

If you don't know the dark racism behind the creation of the suburbs, watch this Adam Ruins the Suburbs video. Especially if you grew up in the suburbs.

Read this article called Everything You Make is an Engine, to understand how any and all of your creative pursuits has more influence than you might realize.

PS: Follow my Resistance Roundup series at Loose Lips Magazine for more actions that are focused directly on the madness happening in America.

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