Learning! Roundup: The Good Side of Gossiping, Feeling Pain, Feminist Protection, Belief Superiority, and More!

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Gossiping for the Good of the Community

I am not going to lie: I love gossip. Not in the 'spreading lies about others' sense (which I wouldn't even define as gossip, that's just lying), or in the 'telling secrets that I said I would keep to myself' sense (if you tell me to keep something private, it is in the vault), but in the 'let's talk about what's happening in other people's lives' way. I want to know what is up! Turns out, when I do that, it's actually good for us: it builds community and helps us improve ourselves.

It Will Hurt

Warning someone that pain is imminent actually makes their experience of the pain even worse. So I guess we should go back to saying, "you won't feel a thing"?

Feminist Protection

A new study shows that women who strongly identify as feminists may be less likely to fall into more stereotypical behaviour. The study authors assume this resistance is subconscious, but I would argue that it's probably largely conscious; I know I specifically try to avoid fulfilling stereotypes when I can.

Artist Incomes

This is the most thorough study I have seen to date on the financial security of visual artists, and how it relates to their life satisfaction and other factors.

Belief Superiority

There are people out there who aren't just confident that their beliefs are correct, but who think their beliefs are superior to everyone else's. In a move that will make the rest of us feel superior, it looks like people who think their opinions are better than everyone else's have the largest gap between their perceived knowledge and actual knowlege.

Lowered Voices

As someone who always has at least one pregnant friend at a time, I can tell you that pregnant women go through a looooot of physical changes. Here's a new one: after giving birth, their voices lower.

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