Learning! Roundup: Brainwaves and Personality, Surviving Bad Things, Class and Personality, and More!

Today I learned that there are slow brainwaves that just might connect to my personality!
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Slow Brainwaves

The question of consciousness - whatever it is that gives us a complete sense of self instead of being the result of random neural firing - has always been a mystery to scientists. Now they think it might be linked to these super slow brainwaves that they previously thought were just noise.

Earthquake Survival

I have lived in an earthquake zone my entire life and yet only JUST bought my first earthquake survival kit a few months ago. Well, it's likely that the instructions for surviving have changed since we did drills and hid under our desks in elementary school, so let's all watch this video on earthquake survival and not die together, okay?

Surviving Choking

In more survival advice from Lifehacker, here is a guide on what to do if you start choking while you are alone. If you think about it, every time we eat alone we are basically tempting fate. Best prepare yourself. (The hot tip that was new to me is to dial 911 immediately so that they can track your location and find you as quickly as possible. Even if you save your own life, you'll want to get checked out.)

Class and Personality

Another round of research has come out showing that personality factors are influenced by your socioeconomic status (measured based on education and income). Those with less income and education are more open, selfless, giving, vigilant, and fatalistic.

Deep Questions, Shallow Answers

You would think that personality tests with deeper questions would probe right to the heart of who you are and get deeper results, but it turns out that's not the case. First of all, we perceive more difficult questions as being deeper, even if they are just poorly constructed. Secondly, it's the test with the more straightforward, simple questions that get at our true selves.

Diverse Neighbourhoods

Here is yet ANOTHER reason why diversity is good for us: strangers are more likely to help you out in a racially diverse neighbourhood.

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