Learning! Roundup: Resistance Tipping Points, Depression and Brain Age, Welfare, Sourness, and More!

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A Small Group of Concerned Citizens

If you're going to form a resistance and change your community, how many people do you need to have on your side? According to new research, 25% is the tipping point that allows people to make a revolution that sticks.

Depression and the Brain

Bad news for all of us who have depression and anxiety: our brains are ageing faster and we will experience more cognitive decline in old age than our non-anxious/depressed counterparts. I am hopeful that the effects are muted by treatment of the depression and anxiety, but this article didn't go into that possibility.

Race and Welfare

A new study has found that when white people feel threatened, or see the gap between the incomes of white folk and people of colour shrink, they are more likely to oppose welfare programs. Even if they are poor.

Abortion and Depression

There are a lot of things that may influence a woman's decision whether or not to have an abortion. Mental health shouldn't be one of them: another, very large, study has come out saying that there is no relationship between abortion and depression in women.

Sour Risks

This is kind of fun: tasting sour flavours appear to increase a person's risky behaviour.

Dads Are Getting Involved

Today's dads are more present and loving in their children's lives, seeing their role as more active and involved than ever before. Researchers found a correlation between the more negative elements of traditional masculinity and detached fathers.

Fish Conformity

Did you know that fish have personalities? Not only that, but the more sociable ones will change their personality when they are around others to conform to the situation. This has lead researchers to realize that studying fish (and perhaps other animals) behaviour in solo creatures may not give an accurate picture of what they do.

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