Inspiration! Roundup: Healing, Optimism, Forever Rainbow, Consent Classes, Risks, and More!

Another inspiration! roundup, including ways of healing, optimism poems, forever rainbows, and taking risks.
This Week's "I want to go to there": This place looks really nice.
Photo by Cara Fuller.

Healing and Art

Tabita Rezaire is an artist and a healer (what kind of healer? I'm not sure, let's just go with it). I love her quote here about what it means to heal:

"Healing, for me, means aligning. It means aligning with source, with your own rhythm, with your destiny and your vision. Often we are afraid. We’re just full of fears, full of doubts, full of insecurities, and we’re unable to manifest our vision because we are broken inside. When you’re broken you give birth to broken dreams. So healing is how to allow a flow of infinite creative energy to move through you, with you, and for it to work as you. How can you be yourself, a body in service of the infinite? That’s what healing is for me, right now. It changes as I grow, as I bloom. My healing will transform and my idea of it will transform. But for now that’s how I think about it."


This little poem about optimism made me smile. (Via Swiss Miss.)

Forever Rainbow

Also love this forever rainbow from Tattly, a company that makes super artsy temporary tattoos. (Also owned by the aforementioned Swiss Miss.) Order it now to be ready for your city's pride parades?
Uneasy Truce

I could look at Lisa Ericson's series of realistic paintings of unlikely pairings of animals for a long time.

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Consent Classes

Since we have had #yesallwomen, #metoo, and #timesup, sometimes I wonder how many more hashtags we'll have to try to stop sexual assault before it actually happens - if ever. This story made me feel like there is hope! In Nairobi, Kenya, where 1 in 4 girls are raped, consent classes for boys and girls have reduced sexual assault by 50%.

Risking It

“You can’t be a risk taker and expect to win each and every time. If you could control the future, then you wouldn’t be taking any risks. And while failure leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, the sweetness of winning more than makes up for it, and you’ll never win at anything unless you take a risk in the first place.”
-Dr. Ruth

A good reminder that it's only a risk if you don't know whether or not you will succeed.

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