Inspiration! Roundup: Yoko Ono's self care advice, self help books that don't exist, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there":
I just want to be surrounded by colour! All the colours!
Let's roll around in colour!

Self-Care Tips from Yoko Ono

I admit: at first I thought Yoko Ono had written an article of self-help tips (or maybe a book and this was an excerpt!), and I read this list, chuckling. "These are so Yoko!" to myself. Now I suspect it's a writer pretending to be Yoko Ono. Oh well, they are still fun.

"Who was your first friend? Dial tech support and whisper his or her name until the I.T. person hangs up. Relationships are important for well-being."

Self Help Art

I confess that I quite enjoy reading self-help books. Like any genre, there's the bad and the good, but the good is really good. For that reason, I truly love Johan Deckmann's art project, creating covers to self-help books that don't exist.

Does Anyone Have a Word for the Lost Electronics?

The photo series of sad portraits of recycled electronics is beautiful and, well, kind of sad. Look at those lonely electronics! It makes me think of Wall-E.

Your Assignment

This is your assignment.

Feel all the things. Feel the hard things. The inexplicable things, the things that make you disavow humanity’s capacity for redemption. Feel all the maddening paradoxes. Feel overwhelmed, crazy. Feel uncertain. Feel angry. Feel afraid. Feel powerless. Feel frozen. And then FOCUS.

Pick up your pen. Pick up your paintbrush. Pick up your damn chin. Put your two calloused hands on the turntables, in the clay, on the strings. Get behind the camera. Look for that pinprick of light. Look for the truth (yes, it is a thing—it still exists.)

From A Responsibility to Light: An Illustrated Manifesto for Creative Resilience and the Artist’s Duty in Dark Times

Kouhei Nakama's Dance

This is a far-too-fun animated dance short. Also, I pressed play on this while Superstar by The Carpenters was playing on my laptop, and the beat lined up like magic and it was extra amazing. Give it a try.

The Single Greatest Truth

Or at least one of them:

From The Secret Art of Being a Grown Up
via Lisa Congdon
PS: If anyone wants to buy me a book, this one looks pretty great!

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