Inspiration! Roundup: Photographing race and power, the belle epoque, getting hired to each cake, and more!

This week's "I want to go to there":
I'm there! In Charlottetown, PEI!

Race and Power 

This photo series dramatically depicts the relationship between race and power in women. Striking!

The End of the Belle Epoque

This series of colour photos of Paris in 1914 is stunning.

The Art of Olaf Hajek

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Almost no one gets hired to eat a slice of chocolate cake.
-Seth Godin

It's been a while since I quoted Seth Godin, but this entire post is fantastic. Also, it's the first time I've heard a man recognize and write about emotional labour, which was a wonderful surprise.

Turning an Error into Fun

You know the Error 404 page? It's always a bit of a bummer, but if you're visiting certain websites, you'll find some pretty fun, artful, or hilarious pages to soften the blow of landing on a webpage that doesn't exist. Check out a collection of laudable museum error pages at Hyperallergic.

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