Inspiration! Roundup: Synchronized swimmers, a mobile hotel, wooden giants in Copenhagen, and more!

This Week's "I want to go to there":
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Synchronized Swimmers

Get ready to be amazed and hypnotized: this is the part of synchronized swimming that hides under water.

Mobile Hotel!

I generally scoff at the whole "shipping container home" trend that tries to trick us into thinking it would be great to live in a tiny space instead of have affordable homes. HOWEVER! I kind of love this shipping container hotel.

Wooden Giants

Thomas Dambo makes wooden giants and hides them around the woods of Copenhagen. Each one comes with a poem that hints at the next location. He also created a map if you want to go on a treasure hunt (scroll down to the bottom for the map).

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Dance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the past, dance was considered deviant in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now a dance culture is emerging, and it's super amazing!

“Dancers and musicians used to have a reputation of being deviant in Congo only a few years ago. Now young people actually see the arts positively.”

Honoré Sharrer

I love the artwork of Honoré Sharrer, a relatively-unknown surrealist painter who was known as a "dangerous woman."

HonorĂ© Sharrer, “Nursery Rhyme” (1971), oil on canvas
Image: Hyperallergic, courtesy of the Columbus Museum of Art

Hobby Horsing!

If you ever wondered if other people want to participate in your weird hobby, just know that Finland holds national hobby horse championships. Contestants simulate traditional equestrian events with toy horses. Anything is possible.

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