Inspiration! Roundup: Art in the breakdown, flute beatboxing, the world's largest book, and more!

Inspiration: I could use some tree time. Also, the moving art of Ida Applebroog, flute beatboxing, and doing things after your thirties
This Week's "I want to go to there":
I could use a little sun-dashed tree time.

Art in Breakdown

Artist Ida Applebroog had a mental breakdown in 1969 and was hospitalized twice. She drew some truly evocative pieces during that time.

Flute Beatboxing

At first, I honestly thought this was going to be a joke, like Will Farrell's jazz flute on Anchorman. It's so so so good.

Data-Free Communication

In countries that never got the infrastructure for landlines, cell phones were a lightning strike of communication. In crises, like the Syrian refugee crisis, smart phones have become a key way to keep in touch with loved ones, no matter where you end up. But what if you're in a country without free and open internet, or you just can't afford data? FreeCom is a new app that allows people in disaster situations to communicate without the internet.

The World's Largest Book

I just came across this article on the methods used to digitize the world's largest book, and while it's great that the British Library is investing effort into preserving the content of this book, I am most amazed by the fact that someone made this book in the first place! Does anyone else find it super inspiring when someone makes something like this, that is so impractical it can only be the result of love? (And perhaps some grandiosity.)

Human Rights Lawyer Wins South Korean Presidency

I realize I could be stepping in a huge landmine by commenting on international politics with absolutely ZERO context, but in a time when politics really feels like a zero-sum game at times, it is really encouraging to see that some countries are not setting themselves on fire. South Korea elected a former human rights lawyer as their president! (Now I just hope he's not a "former" human rights lawyer because he was disbarred for murdering babies or something.)

It's Not Too Late

In a world of "30 under 30", it's nice to remember that some people accomplish greatness in the many years that come AFTER they turned 30. It's not only reserved for the young folk!

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