Learning! Roundup: Think like a baby, ethics and electronics, fallopian tube flushes, and cocky scientists

To Stay Young, Think Like a Baby

You know how babies are curious about everything, sticking everything in their mouths, figuring out how their bodies work and what the world is and how to be humans? Well, it turns out that copying this broad learning style as an adult can help prevent cognitive decline.

Ethics and Electronics

People love to talk about how Facebook is destroying our souls. While the jury is still deliberating on that (although it doesn't look good), it looks like technology does impact our morals. When we have to make complex moral decisions using a smartphone, we are more likely to be utilitarian in our choice than over a computer.

(Pssst! When it comes to Facebook itself, the research is conflicting and seems to indicate that its impact on our mental well being can be either positive or negative, depending on how we use it.)

Poppy Seed Fallopian Tube Flushes

This seems along the lines of vaginal steaming or coffee enemas, but apparently there is some evidence that flushing your fallopian tubes with poppy seed oil can boost your chances of getting pregnant, should you want to.

Why Some Kids Get Rejected

It seems like a totally cruel and arbitrary mystery to me why some kids get singled out for bullying. So often it's just senseless. There is nothing "wrong" with the kid, they just, for some reason, get chosen. Well, researchers have been trying to figure it out for a while and have picked up on one common trait: the rejecters perceive the rejectee to somehow threaten their group's status or stability. It still seems a bit arbitrary, but perhaps it's a start in figuring it out.

More Cocky Scientists

This doesn't really come as a surprise: scientists think they are more rational than other people. (Spoiler alert: they aren't - not necessarily, anyways.)

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