Learning! Roundup: Ancient comets, online bubbles, bone implants, and only children.

Great Comet of 1577 Woodcutting

A Giant, Ancient Comet

Ancient carvings in Turkey show that the earth was hit by a cluster of comet fragments around 11000 BC, resulting in widespread death. This was, possibly, the actual worst day in history since the ice age.

Online Bubbles and Partisan Politics

Here's an interesting piece, challenging the notion that our social media bubbles are increasing partisan politics.

New Bone Implants Generate Blood Cells

In a huge advancement for synthetic implants, a newly-developed synthetic bone implant can make blood cells in its marrow. This could be huge for treating a lot of blood and immune disorders.

Only Child Syndrome

Planning on having kids? If you just have one, it is likely to be more creative and less agreeable.

Save the Seals

With the changes in the climate, come changes in the diets of polar bears. Instead of eating seals, animals that are now very difficult to catch with the changes to the coastline in the arctic, polar bears are noshing on goose eggs. They are also traveling farther to find food than ever before.

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