Learning! Roundup: The creepiest font of youth, loneliness and alcohol, playing dead, and more!

Baby Blood: The Font of Youth

A new study has shown that giving mice blood from human babies' umbilical cords makes them younger. Sort of. It reverses some of the impact of aging on the brain, making them able to learn faster. So... does anyone see a dystopian future wherein we farm foetuses for their blood?

Ask What, Not Why

Sometimes when we're dissatisfied with something, we just sit around reminding ourselves why we're unhappy. Here's an idea: try asking "what" instead. What makes you unhappy? What makes you happy? Then you'll get some actionable ideas.

Loneliness and Alcohol

In further evidence for the notion that loneliness is linked to addiction (the rat park experiment, for example), a new study shows that crayfish who are lonely have higher alcohol tolerance than those who are not. Higher alcohol tolerance is a predictor of alcoholism, which is a comfort to cheap drunks everywhere.

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Despite the fact that every famous artist seems to say that the reason they succeeded was because they had no "plan b", research says that you'll be more likely to achieve your dreams if you keep your day job for as long as possible. Turns out that when your livelihood isn't riding on your dream, you'll take more risks, which can lead to big reward.

Women In Leadership Save Babies

As much as I'd love to see headlines that don't intrinsically link femaleness with baby care, here's something: States with more women in the legislature have fewer infant deaths.

Playing Dead

Here's one that the snarky feminist internet couldn't get enough of: female dragonflies fake death to avoid unwanted male advances. Insert joke about dating culture here.

Evidence-Based Self Help

 You could follow the self-help advice of someone who spouts platitudes hidden underneath fancy catch phrases, or you could do things that evidence shows will actually improve the quality of your life. Here is a handy guide to self-help tips that are backed by research.

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