Cute! Kitten War!

Did you know about Kitten War?  It's sort of like Hot or Not, but instead of being horribly offensive, it's adorable because it's for kittens!  Just go to and you will find something like this:

Then you click on the one that is the cutest and then you'll see something like this:

Then you pick the cutest one again, and then you get something like this:

And then all of a sudden it's three in the morning and your life is passed you by. But you were in a stupor of cuteness, so who cares?!?

Pro Tip: Click on the Winningest Kittens to see all the kittens that win the most wars.  They are too cute!  Avoid clicking on the Losingest Kittens unless you want to feel awkward and sad.

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