Inspiration! Dancing to save the world with Clark Kent

Okay, I know this is a little bit silly as an inspiration, but my friend posted this on the Facebook event for her graduation party, and it must made me feel a little thrill!

Reasons why this is exciting: one, it's dancing which is awesome.  Two, the middle dance move is one that I think comic book artists use a lot when they're drawing someone dancing, but I don't know how often that happens in real life.  Three: he is dancing to create specific vibrations that will stop a bomb!  Dancing saved the world!

Okay, so this isn't inspiring because we are going to dance and send out vibrations to save the world (even though maybe you kind of will, because dancing creates vibrations that are good for your body and your body is part of the world).  Maybe it's just a reminder to be silly.  To see possibilities where they wouldn't be possible.  To not let the bomb ticking away under the floor ruin your dance party.

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