Monday, November 23, 2015

Cute! The dog of Kingsgate mall

The other day I was in Kingsgate Mall, Vancouver's favourite confusing little shopping centre. It's got the most random of sad little shops next to two powerhouse tenants (Shoppers Drug Mart and a liquor store) that we can only assume is the only reason it hasn't been transformed into shiny condos.

The other day I walked in and who was sitting there by the doors? This sweet little dog! Look how cute.


SMLois said...

Fun Fact: the land that Kingsgate Mall is on is owned by the Vancouver School Board and although it is slated for re-development in the not so distant future, as long as it is school board property it will never be condos.

Canadian Content said...

Here's a song about the mall.

Andrea said...

Canadian Content: Great video!

SMLois: I am not looking forward to the redevelopment, but at least it won't be condos.