Inspiration! Target gets it right again

My attitude towards large, multi-national corporations, especially ones that market themselves based on the extremely discounted nature of their products, is skeptical at best.  We all know that things shouldn't be that cheap (or maybe they should be, but the wrong people are taking a pay cut to make that happen), that they treat their employees like moving pawns, and are usually terrible for the environment and society in general.

Yet, sometimes they do really good things.  Like Target.  Target already got it right once by removing the gender labels from their toys aisles, and now they've done it again!  I know Halloween feels like eons ago, but it's worth noting that their Halloween flyer included a girl with a disability modelling the Elsa costume.

Photo Credit: Adweek

Now every child with a disability who saw that flyer feels immediately like they belong just a little more.  See how easy that was?

Sure, like I said yesterday, creating real diversity in an organization is a lot of hard work.  But sometimes the hardest part is getting over our mental barriers that tell us silly things like that every child in a catalogue must be able-bodied.

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