Learning! Roundup: Walk With Me (or Lemurs), Who Do You Trust, Electrolytes Are a Lie, and More!

Two women walk side-by-side next to some trees. We see them from the side and so can mostly just see one woman.
Photo by Thought Catalog.

Walk With Me

I often like to go for a walk on a first or second date, and it turns out that is a good choice, at least if I want to increase the odds that the person will like me. A new study shows that walking side-by-side leads people to feel more connected, and that effect is bigger if they wind up unintentionally synchronizing their steps. (Or that synchronized steps are a sign of a better connection!)

Walk With Lemurs

Alternatively, if you can't find a person to walk with, go for a walk with a lemur! Walking with lemurs in a naturalistic enclosure reduces stress. Add that to all the research that we should spend time with animals and then move to a farm.

Who Do You Trust?

The question of who we instinctively deem as trustworthy says a lot about our unconscious biases. A new study looks at Airbnb hosts and asks who people find trustworthy. It revealed a clear pecking order: women are more trustworthy than men, older people over younger people, those who smile more than those who don't, and, of course, those who are attractive. It looks like this study did not take race into account, which would have added another interesting layer.

Electrolytes Are a Lie

A new study on ultramarathoners has shown that consuming electrolytes, in sports drinks, gels, or otherwise, doesn't actually do anything to help balance salt levels, increase energy, or aid health while exercising. The study included over 200 ultramarathoners and showed that there was no interaction between the sports drinks/supplements the athletes took and their health or energy levels.

Social Anxiety

If you have social anxiety, it's possible that it's caused by overactive empathy. You are hypersensitive to other people's discomfort and so can't bear to see it, if it's happening around you, and are paranoid of doing anything that might cause it.

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