Inspiration! Roundup: International Exercise Books, The Places You're Afraid to Look, Unsolicited Advice, and More!

In the woods, there is a geodesic cabin on stilts. It has a ladder leading to the front door and has no windows, covered in some kind of green tarp (but a stretchy one).
This Week's "I want to go to there": A getaway in a fun-shaped cabin. And I'm doing it!
I leave shortly to stay in a geodesic home in the desert. I CAN'T WAIT!
Photo by Kyle Glenn.

Exercise Books

The Exercise Book Archive has been collecting children's school exercise books for 15 years. They have books from 1773-present from all over the world. It's pretty freaking cool.

A photo of the cover of a child's exercise book. It has a portrait of a man printed on it that has been scribbled over by the child.
Exercise Book Archive

Afraid to Look

“You will
find yourself
in all the of the places
you are afraid
to look.”
— cwpoet

(So I guess it's better to just look at them ahead of time.)

Unsolicited Advice

Some unsolicited advice from a cat.

A drawing of a girl walking her bike down a path surrounded by gardens and buildings, and a cat is sitting on a wall and says to her that adulthood is the realization that you are capable of both great and terrible things.
Tumblr Dia

Messing With the Gram

Teens have figured out how to mess with Instagram's tracking algorithms. They form group accounts that they all log into to post and browse, so the company can't figure out their individual interests or habits. Let's all raise a glass to these clever kids!


I have always loved seeing how water warps our view of things. Thank goodness photographer Suzanne Saroff found the notion interesting enough to photograph too!

An art photo. The background is neutral and there is a fish with glasses of water placed in front of it to distort our view of the fish.
Suzanne Saroff

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