Learning! Roundup: Sad Songs, Leadership Body Language, the Blindness/Schizophrenia Relationship, and More

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Sad Songs

I thought that music was getting a little more positive these days (with songs like Uptown Funk and Happy as my evidence), but it turns out that it's actually getting sadder. An analysis of pop music from 1965 to 2015 shows songs using fewer happy words and more sad words. Interestingly, when you look at specific words, the word hate went on a big lyrical upswing from 1990 to 2015.

Leadership Body Language

Leaders tend to have distinct body language than followers, and depending on what kind of leader someone is, they will have different body language from one another. Those who lead by prestige (because they have special knowledge and ability and are also willing to share) carry themselves differently than those who lead by dominance and fear.

The Blindness/Schizophrenia Relationship

Nobody really knows what it means yet, but people who are born blind never get diagnosed with schizophrenia. What is it about congenital blindness that protects against schizophrenia?

Sense of Direction

People who grow up outside of cities have a better sense of direction. Perhaps they have to figure out their path more often?


Using jargon to discuss science or politics turns people off, even when you define the term!

Food Waste

Not only are people generally wasting twice as much food as we previously estimated, but we know who the culprits are: the wealthier someone is, the more food they waste. It starts once our daily expenditures rise about $6.70, and then keeps going up. Puts a twist on the "eat the rich" movement, doesn't it?

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