Learning! Roundup: Eating Jet Lag, Altruistic Babies, Inflamed Depression, and More!

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Eating Jet Lag

I read an article at some point between a few months and few years ago (sorry folks, that's how my brain remembers things these days - it's either very recent or who knows when it happened) saying that this whole notion of it mattering what time of day we eat is baloney, but this new research says differently. Apparently, our bodies get used to eating at certain times of day, and changing it even a little (say, by sleeping in and having brunch on the weekend) really throws things off and leads to weight gain. (Not that gaining weight is somehow the worst thing that can happen to you, it's just an interesting finding.)

Altruistic Babies

A 19-month-old baby, even one who is hungry, will share a tasty snack with a stranger in need. This is a nice demonstration that, while selfishness may be inherent in the human experience, so is altruism. Babies will naturally give!

Inflammation and Depression

It's possible that up to 30% of instances of depression are directly caused by inflammation in the brain. Anti-inflammation drugs could enter the mental health realm!

Ground-Breaking Research

When the titles and abstracts of scientific papers use superlatives like "groundbreaking" or "novel", those papers get cited far more frequently than the ones that do not. And guess which half of the human population is more likely to put those terms into their research? You got it, men!

Fake News

A new study shows that most people do care about the accuracy of the news articles we share, we are just busy, distracted people and so sometimes share fake news. Another vote for SOMEHOW finding a way to slow down in life!

Stock Biases

I fully believe that stock images matter. They represent a societal default or "normal" and so need to represent true normalcy, which is a diverse human population. (That's why I try hard to make sure that all the images on this blog aren't just of a bunch of young, white people.) According to this new study, stock images used for major news and social media sites currently reinforce gender stereotypes. Come on, guys! You actually have a BUDGET for your images!

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