Learning! Roundup: Museum Pain, Depressed Memes, Going Grey, and More!

A large room in a museum, the walls are a maroon colour, with very large-format paintings hung on them. People are siting on the benches in the middle and standing around the space.
Photo by Amy-Leigh Barnard

Museum Pain

My back always hurts after a trip to a museum or art gallery. Turns out that (probably) so does yours! A posture specialist has even coined the term "museum walk" for the slow, plodding steps we take that cause back pain while looking at antiquities.

Depressed Memes

New research shows that people with depression find darker memes funnier and more uplifting than people without depression. I can attest to loving some dark, depression-based humour now and again, even though I don't identify as currently having depression. I have always felt that joking about those dark feelings gives them a name and takes away some of their power.

Going Grey

We all know that stress seems to turn people's hair grey, and now science knows it, too. A new study shows that fight-or-flight stress can turn mice's hair grey and that perhaps overactive nerves are the reason why.

Baby Talk

You know those people who proudly state that they talk to babies just like anyone else and don't engage with "baby talk"? Well, you can wipe that smug smile off their faces by telling them that, actually, engaging in the exaggerated form of speech most people use with babies helps them learn and understand language more quickly.

The First Superhuman

There is a woman in the world right now with gene mutations that mean she doesn't feel pain and she heals without scarring. Could she be the first of the X-People? (I reject the gendered X-Men.)

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