Inspiration! Roundup: Your Name's Colour, Dreamy Watercolours, 99 Solutions, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": I just got back from a sunny desert getaway with some of my dearest pals and it felt just like this. Let's go back! Photo by Heng Films.

Your Name's Colour

Artist Bernadette Sheridan has started a project to show people without synesthesia what colour their names are. It's beautiful!

Dreamy Watercolours

I love Leslie Baum's dreamy watercolours.

A watercolour painting by Leslie Baum that shows what could be a desert with a bright sun over top of it.
Leslie Baum

99 Solutions

This collection of 99 things to do after a breakup is really wonderful for processing any loss or unwelcome change in life. Or even just for reconnecting to a sense of goodness in ourselves.

Even the stuff that seems breakup specific, like unfollowing your ex on social media, applies: what is the emotional equivalent of an ex for you right now? What has that same pull as revisiting an ex's Instagram, where you feel compelled to look but you know it will only make you feel bad? Unfollow!

Dinosaurs in Love

They are cute, no?

Right Now

"The world needs our immediate presence."
-Louise Penny, paraphrasing Miguel Cervantes

In the Wild

I truly love love love Liz Sexton's papier-mache animal heads. They are hilarious and wonderful.

Liz Sexton

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