Learning! Roundup: Climate Change Catch Up, Competent Men, Sexy City Frogs, and More!

A roundup of research and learning from the past week, including climate change, competency in men, city frogs, uterus transplants, and exercise tips.
Photo by Alto Crew.

Climate Change Catch Up

Here is a great article summarizing where we are at in terms of climate change, and what we can all do about it (we all need to become vegan, or at least vegetarian. The highest-carbon-impact vegetable proteins are all lower than the lowest-impact animal proteins).

Competent Men

Here's one for the patriarchy: masculine faces are generally seen as more competent. Not all is lost, though. Don't forget the previous study that after about 20 minutes, women are seen as leaders, too. So it's just first impressions that screw us ladies over - not like those have an impact on anything, right?

Sexy City Frogs

When animals, like frogs, move into the city (or, more accurately, have the city move into their home), their mating calls have a lot more noise to compete with than before. Because of this, urban frogs develop more complex mating calls that are more appealing to the lady frogs. Anyone want to write the Christmas rom com about the lady frog who visits the big city and meets the gentleman frog of her dreams?

Uterus Transplant

For the first time ever, a baby was born out of a uterus that was transplanted into one woman from another, deceased woman. It took 10.5 hours to hook that new uterus up in the first place, and the baby was born early but is healthy.

Resonance Theory, or, the Hippies Were Right

New theories of consciousness basically boil down to "the hippies were right", because it's all about the vibrations. Human consciousness, animal consciousness, and even physical reality itself may boil down to the sweet vibes (or resonance theory, if you're fancy).

How to Exercise for Mood

For possibly the first time, researchers have looked into the optimal intensity and duration of exercise to best improve your mood (as opposed to health). They have found that a moderately intense workout that lasts 10-30 minutes is best for mood-boosting, and that anaerobic exercise (like yoga or thai-chi) is a more consistent joy-inducer than aerobic exercise.

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