Learning! Roundup: How Long it Takes to See a Woman As a Leader, Health Impacts of Sexual Assault, Pluralistic Ignorance, and More!

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How Long Does it Take to See a Woman As a Leader?

About 20 minutes. Women are viewed as leaders less often than men, however, the longer interactions people have with female leaders, the more they see them as such. This effect is so strong that after 20 minutes of interaction, men and women are equally likely to be seen as leaders. It's almost as if those flash judgements can be wrong!

The Long-Lasting Impact of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and harassment have impacts that last for a very long time. New research shows that women who have been assaulted or harassed have poorer sleep and higher blood pressure ongoingly after the incident has passed, not to mention being more likely to experience depression and anxiety.

Pluralistic Ignorance and Studying

When we think we know what is normal behaviour for our peers, but it turns out that our assumptions are off the mark, it's called pluralistic ignorance. This can be a problem because we often decide what we should be doing based on what we think other people like us are doing, and so when we are off-base that can lead us to do unhealthy things like binge drink or drive too fast. A new study shows that this is also true when it comes to university students' study habits: most tend to assume that their peers study less than they actually do, and then study less themselves.

Neuroscience of Perception

This is a lovely little video explaining how our perception works, and how much of it is our brains making a wild guess at what's around us.

Where Have All the Young Men Gone?

Or the old men, for that matter? 4,500 years ago in Spain, a violent conquest appears to have wiped out all the men. A people group called the Yamnaya, that seems to have swept Europe and replaced much of the male population, had 100% success in Spain. To be clear, they were successul at killing or enslaving every single man and then "claiming" all the women. So this was bad news for everyone in Spain at the time.

Jogging Your Memory

There is already a bunch of research showing that exercise can help clear our minds and focus. New research is starting to look at why, showing that it's possible that aerobic exercise makes people think they have more energy, thus boosting their ability to do work.

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