Cute! Roundup: The Fanciest Rat, Unfortunate Stair Pranks, the Photo Ark, and More!

I love it when Gertie does this: she was sitting on my lap, and she just reached out and put a paw on the knee of the friend sitting next to me. It's as if she's saying, "Hey, it's okay, I care about you, too." (Or maybe, "Hey, it's okay, I am also in total control of your life.") Either way, it's cute.

Cute things!


This rat is a fancy rat!

I think this cat's prank is going to backfire for everyone.

Who can resist a basket full of baby sloths???

This is a very serious question.

The Photo Ark is an adorable and dark collection of photos of each species of animal held in a zoo or research centre - you know, because we're killing the planet.

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