Learning! Roundup: VR Treatments, Growth Mindset for Social Behaviour, Confident Accetns, and More!

New research roundup, including the fact that psychiatrists can now use VR to treat everything from schizophrenia to height phobia
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VR Treatments

New research is being done on using VR for psychiatric treatments, and it's pretty effective! So far, VR has been used to help those with schizophrenia as well as people with height phobia. One of the great benefits seems to be the ability to expose people to immersive situations, safely.

Growth Mindset for Social Behaviour

There is already a lot of research that the "growth mindset" is better for kids academically, and so parents and teachers are encouraged to reward kids for working hard and improving, not for "being smart", which is a fixed trait. Now research shows it's also good for social behaviour, and your kid is more likely to help out if you encourage them "to help" (a growth trait) versus "be a helper" (a fixed trait).

Accents and Confidence

Unfortunately, humans have some terribleness at our core, and if someone is speaking with an accent different from our own we will inherently distrust them a little bit. However, that distrust seems to be overruled by confidence. If a person with a foreign accent speaks with confidence, the listener will trust them again.

We Talk

A new meta-analysis of relationship research shows that couples who use "we talk" (saying we and us over me and you) have more connected, happy relationships. Looks like it's correlational, so suddenly saying "we" won't necessarily save your relationship, but hey, you never know.

Police DNA Banks Just Grew

You know those genetic websites where you give them your DNA and they tell you if you might have restless leg syndrome or who your fourth cousin is? Well, surprise! They aren't just in it for helping you learn about yourself. They are in it for the genetic information, and now in the US they are looking to team up with police to help them find criminals. Honestly, I'm not sure I have a problem with this, but I can see how a lot of people might!

Meat-Eater Status

Here's more research to feed my vegetarian superiority complex: it's possible that meat eaters are doing so just for their egos. New research in evolutionary psychology (a field that, to be honest, I am skeptical of) suggests that, since in the past eating meat showed that you were more powerful than others, people now struggle with becoming vegetarian because of some ancient desire to communicate status and influence. It's all ego!

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