I Just Rewatched the Music Video for Ace of Base's All That She Wants and it is GRIM

If you are in your thirties or older, take a moment to remember the song All That She Wants by Ace of Base.

Got it?

It's not a party song by any means, but it's upbeat, right? That sweet beat! That whistling melody! Sure, the lyrics are confusing and kind of serious - it is a fun-sounding song about a lonely woman who is on the prowl for temporary lovers and/or who keeps trying to get pregnant with unsuspecting men. But you could have a low-key dance party to that song! One where people bop around with silly faces and sillier dance moves!

Now watch the music video:

It's all slow shots of people staring out windows with candles, staring at candles near windows, or staring forlornly at the camera whilst playing with a necklace. The colours are muted, and so are EVERYONE's expressions.

It's so SERIOUS. With a beachy, upbeat vibe in the music.

Also, I'm pretty sure that woman left a candle burning in her home as she went out to prowl for babies, which is very dangerous.

All That She Wants by Ace of Base has a weirdly serious music video

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