Inspiration! Roundup: Anatomy of a Long Shot, Tirdy Works, Gloom vs. Doom, Alternative Limbs, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": I mean, if I'm going to get carried away by something, it should be love, right?
Photo by Nick Fewings.

Inside a Long Shot

I love love love those long shots in movies and TV shows where they circle around a room, showing time passing, characters changing, and rooms transforming. For once, this behind-the-scenes video lets you watch how it's done! From the new Jim Carrey series Kidding, you can see a bird's eye view of the quick changes and body doubles coming in and out of the scene to make the long shot possible.

Tirdy Works

This is just funny: a woman has made a living selling dried moose turds as art for years. She makes all sorts of things, including a cuckoo clock they call a poo-poo clock, out of these little turds and sells them all over the world. She is so successful she has employees who help come up with ideas for poo-themed things to sell.


This comic speaks to me on a very personal level.

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Gloom and Doom

"Doom is inevitable.
Gloom is optional.
Gloom has no positive effects on ameliorating doom.
Doom happens. Gloom is a choice."
-Seth Godin

As someone who has experience depression, there is a degree to which I disagree with Mr. Godin on this one. However, I know what he means, and it's true. Also, I value any reminder that bad stuff happening in life is inevitable. Is it weird that I find that inspirational?

The Alternative Limb Project

This is so cool! Seeing prosthetic limbs as a mode of self-expression, The Alternative Limb Project creates limbs that looks like droids, vines, snakes, anatomy, or simply just make a statement! They are stunning art.

Banksy the Troll Artist

Of course he did. Banksy rigged up a painting set for auction to shred after it was sold for $1.4 million. It's a combo dick move and brilliant artistic statement. I love it.

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