Recommended Read/Watch: Why "I'm Not Racist" is Only Half the Story

Robin Diangelo's video explaining how racism is more than just an individual problem
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Robin Diangelo is a writer, consultant, and educator around race relations. In this video (there is also a transcript), she really clearly lays out how the system of racial oppression in North America became something insidiously deniable by white people.

Here are her opening statements:

"All systems of oppression are highly adaptive, and they can adapt to challenges and incorporate them. They can allow for exceptions. And I think the most effective adaptation of the system of racism to the challenges of the civil rights movement was to reduce a racist to a very simple formula. A racist is an individual — always an individual, not a system — who consciously does not like people based on race — must be conscious — and who intentionally seeks to be mean to them. Individual, conscious, intent. And if that is MY definition of a racist, then your suggestion that anything I've said or done is racist or has a racist impact, I'm going to hear that as: you just said I was a bad person."

She goes on to unpack this system, and what kinds of questions we can ask ourselves to actually help change the outcomes in our society.

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