Learning! Roundup: Sad Songs, Spider Milk, ADHD, Loud Restaurants, and More!

Photo by Eric Nopanen.

Sad Songs Say So Much

As a society that generally likes to avoid feeling sad, is it weird that a lot of people enjoy listening to sad music? There are a few psychological explanations for this fact, including a sense of empathy and human connection when we are sad and the fact that sadness helps us release prolactin, a hormone that builds up when we are stressed.

Spider Milk

This may be fuel for nightmares, but did you know that some kinds of spiders produce milk? And it's more nutritious than cow's milk? Could this be a part of our future diet? (Oh I hope not.)

August and ADHD

Kids born in August are more likely to get diagnosed with ADHD, whether or not they actually have it. Sort of. Kids born in August, who are in districts where Sept. 1 is the cutoff for entering school and thus begin kindergarten with kids who are up to a year older than them, are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. At age 5 one year is a big deal in terms of socialization and maturity.

Why Restaurants Are So Dang Loud

I am really glad it's not just me noticing how loud it can get in restaurants these days. It's not the music, either, it's just the din of people. I wasn't sure if it was age turning me into a more sensitive person, but it turns out it's not my shrivelling ears, but restaurant design that's making them all into echo chambers!

Salt and the Brain

I don't like this research. Apparently, high salt intake can lead to all sorts of issues including cognitive decline. This is thanks to the relationship between our gut and our brain.

The Honeymoon is Extended

As couples age together, their tendency to bicker gives way for laughter and understanding and they have more tender feelings towards each other. That's really nice.

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