How to End 2018 With a Little Extra Gratitude

Cap off the year by thanking the people who create your favourite content
Photo by Annie Spratt.

How much free media have you consumed this year? From podcasts to youtube to bloggers, there is a lot of education and entertainment we get for free. So here's a good idea: send your favourites a thank you note for the holidays! (Idea credit: Lifehacker.)

If you can, go all out with actual, physical thank you cards sent in the mail. But also be real with yourself: if the extra time or money inconvenience means you just won't get around to it, then email, or even just a Twitter or Instagram DM will suffice. ANY thank you note is better than no thank you note.

Here is how:

1) Make a list!

Who are your fave writers, youtubers, podcasters, musicians, or other creators? Especially the ones who give content away on free platforms!

2) Get their contacts!

A PO Box or physical address is the cheese, but if you can't find that, an email address, contact form on their website, or Twitter handle will do. If you're anything like me, you'll be more likely to do this at all if you spend some time gathering all the contact info at once. (Bonus: You can listen to or watch some of their amazing content while you do this!)

3) Spend one afternoon and write all their thank yous in one batch! Send them right away!

Doing it all at once is the most important part because you're most likely to a) actually do it and b) you'll experience the positive side effects of gratitude chunking. (Expressing gratitude to others makes you feel good about yourself, and if you do it a bunch at once, the effect is much greater than spreading it out over your week.)

Try to say something specific about why you love them!

Accountability time, here are (some of) the people I want to thank:

Swiss Miss
Jocelyn K. Glei (Hurry Slowly)
Ross and Carrie of Oh No! Ross and Carrie
Zahra and Taz of Good Muslim Bad Muslim
Phoebe and Jessica of 2 Dope Queens (even if they did just STOP THE PODCAST)
Roxane Gay (I've paid for her books, but not her Twitter feed)
Whoever makes the Art Journal newsletter

The Receptionist Delivers!
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