This Week in Advent: Hope

This week I didn't make it to church, so I can't do a "this week in church" post, but I did celebrate advent. Here is what I think is great about advent that everyone can appreciate, no matter what you believe.

The first Sunday of Advent is about Hope. We could all use a little hope, no matter what our religious beliefs.
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On Sunday morning, I woke up with a sudden desire to do something to mark the first Sunday of Advent. I haven't typically done this, so I had to make it a little makeshift: I scrounged up four calendars (completely unequal in size or colour - oops) and put them on a plate. Then I looked up the meaning of the first Sunday of Advent.

It was hope.

So I lit the first candle, and just sat and meditated on hope for a moment.

Here's what I love about hope: it doesn't presuppose a perfect life. Hope isn't showing up for that. Hope is there, specifically, for the darkness. Sometimes it's a faint little glow in dark times that gives you just enough energy to keep stumbling through to the other side that may or may not be there, and other times it's a blazing sun that fills eradicates the darkness completely, killing all the vampires sneaking around in the corners.

Hope is there for us when we feel scared, sad, empty, angry, or lost. It's a little spark that keeps us going.

This week is the week of hope. Or perhaps, the week for hope. As we get closer and closer to the longest night of the year, what better thing to hold onto?

My "Advent Wreath":

If you don't have a proper Advent wreath, four candles will do just fine.

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