Learning! Roundup: Some proven benefits of acupuncture, fancy vegetables, bigotry for all, broccoli pills, and more!

Learning! Roundup: More scientifically proven benefits of acupuncture, fancy vegetables are more appealing than healthy ones, fish can recognize the faces of their peers, and more!
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Benefits of Acupuncture

While they might not understand why it works, scientists are finding mounting evidence that the ancient practice of acupuncture works for chronic pain, headaches, and osteoarthritis. New research is also showing it to be an effective complementary (not alternative) cancer treatment by aiding with pain and chemotherapy symptoms.

Fancy Vegetables

Here's something restauranteurs have known for a long time: give your dish a fancy-sounding name, and it's more appealing. Researchers have now shown that healthy veg-based meals given gourmet-sounding names are more appealing to us than healthy-sounding names. Who do you need to trick into eating better?

Bigotry For All

A couple years ago I had a debate with some friends about a world devoid of gender. They believed that if we banished gender, and all the concepts that go along with it, humanity would instantly be better. I argued that we would just then go on to discriminate based on some other random category, and we would be better off working with what we've got and trying to be better people instead of just shifting the categories. Well, research has vindicated me! A new study (on racism, not gender roles) shows that non-racists are just as bigoted as racists, because we all think about the world as people who are "one of us" and "outsiders".

Broccoli Pills

Sulfurophane is a key ingredient to broccoli's ability to reduce our blood glucose levels, and now it appears that taking a pill with concentrated sulfurophane can reduce blood glucose levels by up to ten percent.

Fish Facial Recognition

Fish may all look the same to us, but the cichlid, a little fish found in East Africa, recognizes the faces of friends and foes. It has been shown to look at the patterns of stripes around other fish's eyes to identify if they are familiar or not, keeping a wary eye on strangers who may be dangerous.

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