I'm not sure how I feel about this: Dove's "real body" bottles

Dove, champion of making money off of body positivity and commercialized feminism, has taken a step in making the fact that women have differently-shaped bodies more tangible (beyond, you know, the tangibility of actual women's bodies). They have made bottles in six different curvy shapes.

The real question here: do the bottles all have different names so we can all start to categorize ourselves based on what kind of bottle we represent, or do we still all have to compare our bodies to fruit? Where are the articles where you pick your body bottle and then get told the best bikini for your body bottle shape? Should I be aspirational in my bottle choice, or realistic?

PS: After writing this I turned to the google and found that - oh look - the internet beat me to this article a month ago when the bottles were announced, and they were way funnier about it on Twitter. WELL TOO BAD, GUYS! I am behind the times and you'll just have to deal with that!

Photo Source: Mashable.com

Also, Dove responded in the typical "we hear you, but really you misunderstood us so it's all your fault and we're great" way:

Source: @Dove

Uggggghhhhh... Corporate non-apologies are so BORING.

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