Cute! Roundup: Baby bunnies washing their own faces, the heart-murdering cuteness of a dik-dik, tree-climbing goats, and the rolly-polliest baby around!

Sometimes my dear Gertie looks right up into my eyes and I just die. Also, I realize from the glare, it looks like her eyes are glowing. I would say that she does not have glowing eyes, but she hypnotizes me so well that chances are good she actually is a magician trapped in a cats body, slowly replacing my soul with her own, via glowing eyes.


This cat's excited face is hilarious!

What is it about animals washing their own faces that is so adorable? Especially a baby bunny! (Apologies for the lame music in the background.)

UGH! This baby antelope is basically going to murder my heart.

Mama sheep bed!

I recently learned that tree-climbing goats are a thing. THEY ARE A THING!

Probably the rolly-polliest baby you've ever seen.

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