Inspiration! Roundup: Speaking Mohawk, suppressed emotions, crossing the line, and more!

Inspiration! Roundup: Learn to speak Mohawk, suppressing your feelings and drawing it, what line did Kathy Griffin cross?
This Week's "I want to go to there":
Rainbow waterfalls

Mohawk in Parliament

Quebec Liberal MP Mark Miller quietly learned the Mohawk language so that he could deliver an address in the Indigenous language in parliament. It is believed to be the first time Mohawk has ever been spoken in parliament.

Miller: "It's very odd that we can say hello in 15 languages that aren't Canadian, but we can't say hello in a First Nations language. This is just the tip of iceberg. If you can communicate, you can understand where people are coming from."

Suppressed Emotions

Artist Miles Johnston's drawings seem to reveal suppressed feelings.

A post shared by Miles Johnston (@miles_art) on

Furoshiki Shoes

I'm kind of captivated by these Furoshiki shoes.

The Line is a Dot to You

In the wake of the outrage at Kathy Griffith over her recent line-crossing photoshoot holding a severed head that strangely resembles Donald Tump, Teen Vogue has an interesting question to ask: "Where the hell is the line if Donald Trump gets to be president?"

More: "We’re all well aware that Trump’s list of unforgivable infractions is longer than a Costco receipt, and yet he occupies our highest office, supremely unscathed. Meanwhile, the factionalized mobs slice through even the most irrelevant public figures with brute force. In both conservative condemnation and progressive purity checking, the standards apply to everyone except the man who ought to be held up as the highest example. We’re living in an outrage culture without any sort of enforceable set point."


This cover of Radiohead's Creep by Scary Pockets is a strange mix of dance funk and the deep melancholy of the original. And WOW! That voice.

You Should Do It

I think I should make this into a sticker and put it on my phone, doors, walls, bike, and everywhere else. The artwork is probably by Dallas Clayton, as identified through the commenters on Swiss Miss.

Art by Dallas Clayton (probably)

Crying in Wonder Woman

I haven't seen Wonder Woman yet (going this weekend! YAY!), but I fully expect to cry because everything makes me cry and I often cry in superhero movies. This article on why women are crying in the fight scenes in Wonder Woman makes me feel like I won't be alone. (Although I think I was alone in my tears during the fight scenes of the new all-female Ghostbusters - alas.)

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