Cute! Roundup: Bunnies in hats, meerkats, a pile of cheetahs, and more!

There is something about a cat giving its rapt attention to one thing. This time it was a spider, which just freaked me right out, but it could have been a piece of tape that was fluttering in the breeze. Let's pretend it was a piece of tape fluttering in the breeze.


This pair of bunnies in hats is one of the best things I've seen yet on this earth.

Just a couple of meerkats, hanging out.

Eclipse, the bus-riding dog.

I really really really want to be one of those people who somehow comes to adopt a wild cat as a baby. Except that those scenarios always seem to end in instinct taking over and the person dying. But LOOK AT THIS PILE OF CHEETAH BABIES!

I can't decide if this baby snake coming out of its shell is adorable or terrifying.

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