Learning! Roundup: Art in New York, insecure robots, alcohol and baby faces, minimum wage, and more!

Image by Alonsa Guevara Aliaga

New York Art Stats

A new study of New York City's top 45 galleries shows that 80.5% of the artists represented are white. In further disheartening statistics, 30% of the artists were women, and 1.2% were Hispanic.

Insecure Robots

As we continue to advance technology and try to prevent the robot apocalypse at the same time, it turns out that we should be designing our robots to have low levels of confidence. Less-confident robots are more helpful and less likely to take over from us. Interesting!

Baby Faces

There is constant uncertainty about drinking alcohol while pregnant: we all know that "too much" can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, but how much is too much? Some doctors say that having one glass of wine, once in a while, is no big deal. New research has emerged documenting the faces of babies and found that those whose mothers drank small amounts while pregnant had differently-shaped faces than those whose mothers fully abstained. (This did not reflect health problems.)

Raising Boys Right

As per many conversations I've had with my new parent friends about raising their children to be feminist, here are some tips on how to raise a boy to reject sexist stereotypes.

Minimum Wage

As minimum wage debates continue to rage on, stick this in your back pocket: an analysis of the past 78 years of minimum wage raises in the United States, no correlation was found between unemployment and minimum wage raises.

Caffeinated Workouts

Apparently if you drink caffeine right before you workout, your exercise will be more intense and burn more calories. Even if you drink coffee regularly, chug back some caffeine about an hour before you get moving and feel the benefits!

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