Buffy: The first Wonder Woman of my heart

Everyone is getting all excited about Wonder Woman and how mighty and awesome and funny and smart and tough and empowering she is (including me), but I would like to draw everyone's attention to the first Wonder Woman of my heart: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

(Yes, I realize that Wonder Woman has been around for way longer than Buffy, but Buffy had a special place in my heart long before Wonder Woman entered anything other than the periphery of my consciousness, so deal with it.)

This tweet sums up the role Buffy played in my life:

I didn't start watching Buffy until after university. Like with my other fantasy-world-obsession, Harry Potter, I had to be sat down and forced to partake by someone who knew me better than I knew myself. This time, my friend showed me a few select episodes from the beginning of the series and then sent me home with some DVDs. (Yes, kids! DVDs! Renting and buying DVDs was still the primary way people watched things back then!)

I. Was. Hooked.

I had just graduated university and was in between a trip to Zambia and a 5-week trip stay in Montreal, which should have been a great time in my life, but I was feeling low. I needed somewhere to live, and so I squatted in the den of my cousin's apartment. I desperately needed to make some money, and so I found the only jobs I could for that period of time: handing out free newspapers outside a skytrain station in the morning and handing out promo cards for a pub in the afternoon (wearing an embarrassingly short kilt that they had to special order in my size because they didn't have anything above a size 5 in stock - seriously.)

Buffy was my refuge. Even when she was weakened by life (or because her would-be protector had betrayed and drugged her), she was strong. She was the general of a small army. She ran into the fight and kicked all the butts.

I had to walk through a minorly sketchy couple of blocks to get home, and during that time, I felt STRONG. My mind was filled with images of a woman who could not only defend herself, but who stepped into fights and defended those who could not defend themselves. I was buzzing and ready to release some sweet kicks and head butts. I was confident and powerful and a WARRIOR!

Thank freaking goodness for Buffy for getting me through that month. And thank goodness, now, for Wonder Woman for providing the same service to another realm of girls.

Keep it coming!!!

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