Inspiration! The Wonder of Being Insignificant

Say what you will about Jerry Seinfeld, he gets things done.  Honestly, I don't know what you could say bad about him, but if you were going to, I would reply with "he gets (or at least got) a lot done - plus he's super funny."

I imagine that producing and writing a TV show with your name on it can be a bit stressful sometimes.  There are very few places to pass the buck if it doesn't turn out well.  How did Jerry deal with the pressure?  He would look at photos of space taken from the Hubble Space Telescope to remind himself of how small everything we do on earth is.

I have been fairly stressed out lately - I probably have two more projects on the go than I can truly feasibly manage and my place of work and another organization I am heavily involved with are both going through major changes.  My plate is overflowing and I've been feeling the pressure.  Everything seems way too important.

As soon as I even though about Seinfeld's trick, I started to feel better.  As he puts it:
"[Looking at the photos] would calm me when I would start to think that this was important... I've often said this and people say, 'It makes me feel insignificant.' And I don't find being insignificant depressing. I find it uplifting."
I agree. This is the thing I love most about religion: it's a (probably) human-made institution that is designed to remind us of how insignificant we are, which is the most freeing of all concepts. It doesn't all ride on us! The universe is SO MUCH BIGGER than me and all my stupid little projects and things I need to try to accomplish. What a freaking relief that I am so small.

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